The older we get,
The higher the stakes,
The more room for mistakes,
And greater the aches,
For beginnings.

(111 Characters incl spaces)


KirstinMaguire (15 Poems)

Kirstin Maguire, Londoner, has been published in numerous anthologies and collections, including Every Day Poems, The Guardian, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, I am not a silent poet and Cannon Poets. First Collection Her first collection 'The Sketch A Day Poetry Book’ was a collaboration with Artist Jane Moore. Published by Alba and available to purchase on their site - Current Projects Twilight Scrawls A 3-part book of philosophical poems that brings together eastern and western schools of thought to explore spirituality in the modern age. Where are we now? A short collection of social commentary and political poems. The Epic of Anthropia A Modern Epic Poem bringing modern current-affairs and global news content to the conventions of Epic Poetry. Micropoems Collection Available to read at Blog

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