Willow (22 Poems)

I write YA Dystopia/Sci-Fi, Paranormal Fantasy, YA/NA Apocalyptic. I live in SC with my son and daughter and two manic cats. Fiction and poetry are my passions. I like to make stuff up. My third book will be published Summer 2015. The Vita BioGen Legacy: Gods 1st 3 chapters: http://willowarenner.com/3chapters/ I love writing and poetry. I write everyday. It nurtures my soul. It keeps me sane. The world can be cold and lonely, but words can create beauty.

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Hope Vanishes

Rushing into his arms, she felt whole. He stiffened, pulled back, his scorn-filled gaze pinning her. Hope vanished into thin air.

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Swirling winds slash against an amber sky. Buffeted by the maelstrom, her arms raised, blissful, fulfilled. Disappearing into thin air.

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Pictures in a box, covered in dust. Lifting the lid, seeing his face, memories slashed at her heart. Hope & will vanished into thin air.

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She lay shattered and broken. Grief swamped her. Heartsick and lost. She breathed be last and vanished into thin air.

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Fading from view, she walks in shadow. “Can you see me?” She touched his cheek, he saw & felt nothing. Sobbing, she vanished into thin air.

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Hope Dies

Love lay shattered at her feet.
Hope vanishes into thin air.

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Heart Sick

He sat, hands folded as if in prayer.
Kira gasped. “What have you done?”
Mykoto opened his hands to reveal his heart. “I just wanted the pain to stop.”

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The Four Horsemen

The Fates have decided.
The tapestry woven, all threads in place.
Woven by color, will & fate.
When will they ride?

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Scattered fragments, scavenged from the wreckage.
She tried to mend the pieces of her broken heart.

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Trumpets sounded, seals broken.
We are as sheep amidst the wolves.
It’s already begun.

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