VonCalypso (26 Poems)

Comic writer, Poet, Philanthropist, Activist. Reality Is In The mind, Create Now, Inspire Forever

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I’m an infinite being.
Take my eyes, even this life,
That’s not what gives me infinite seeing.

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I’m a snake trying to coil your spine,
So I can teach you everything,
And send shivers to your mind.

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Give me the blocks for my mind craft.
Obsidian is hard to find,
But I don’t need it to master mind.

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Sixth Sense

Man was born on the sixth day.
I use my sixth sense in a sick way.
To show people how much the world really weigh.
And make everyone my Rei.

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Instead of the image we project in.
Get intune and project in, then reflect it,
I’m reflectin, it’s not objective.
We just want society’s reflection.

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Astral Body

Give me the ream, so I can write down this scene,
You see, I projected astrally, left my body,
All essence, I can’t describe my anatomy.

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Grey’s Anatomy

She said we need a doctor, rather a teacher,
Someone to teach us the Black & White
Of this love academy,
But were novice, stuck in grey’s anatomy.

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In space and time,
We must find,
What’s inside, to make us fly.
Rise up high with no limits,
I can’t see your skies.

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