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I spun a web about myself

I spun a web about myself
and dangle from the edge
there I slept and dreamt
of the thing I would become
I spun a web about myself
and am dreaming still, waiting

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Look back at me with your good eye
spy a gherkin thrusting high
from the Tate to the Globe
catch a cab to Carnie Road
but to the Church I’ll never go

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I followd behind
always lookin up
copyin ur actions
wantin ur approval
I grew 2 i level
bt still look up
& still eagerly
search out ur face
wth each step I take

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Fate II

Wrote a title 2 a poem
on a blank sheet of paper
then couldnt alter da tone
or da direction it took
as a word guided my hand.
Da poem was calld fate & was brief

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