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Behind Me

Nothing behind me
As I look ahead
No tears
No smiles
No fears
No miles-
I don’t need
To look back
Yet it’s all in my head

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For all their dichotomy-
Whiskey and ice
A combination
So nice
To keep away the blues
In all and sundry hues
Aaah! Must be Paradise!!

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Tear with a smile

Cries every tear
With a smile
That’s her style
Hidden with guile
Her joy
Visible from a mile
My love
Is worth her while

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In the dark fold
Of night
Trembling with fright
At the sight
Of his might
She yearned
For a slice of light
To erase her plight

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In our quest
For eternity
We need to
We are
But mortals
In this brutal
Where days
Are numbered
For every guest

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The tender
Lovely ache
On my back
As I lay awake
Grew into a pain
For it was a sprain
And took me a week
To forsake

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Red as death

She was wheeled in
Red as death
Her scream
The dark silence.
The jab
Of needle
Calmed her
Into sleep
When she woke
She spoke
In #MadVerse

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A display of valor
Could nary breach
Vallum of the
Junoesque peach
A scheming geek
Used his reach
Lesson for the
Casanova to teach

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Their weapons
Fallow, yet gleaming,
Knights of
Dream states
Turn to words
With beat
To win over
The hearts and
Minds of the
Dames elite

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Seeds of Wisdom

Seeds of wisdom
Are not sown in fields
They’re sown in young minds
Where they give good yields
Wisdom is nigh
Life’s best shield

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