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Grow up, girl!

Grow up young girl ~ seize the world ~ catch tomorrow in its twirl ~ and unfurl ~ your own path to providence!

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Moon Says. . .

The moon says in a soft voice ~ come, rest against the birch ~ let me bathe you in my light ~ don’t stir from your perch

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Power of her gaze

Her gaze
Singes my heart
Like the flames
Do an earthen pot
And the scar
Left behind
Is just another
Of those aligned
In the hollows
Of my mind

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Sultry morn

No dewdrops on my window ~ no chirping of birds: no trees ~ no cool breeze~ sultry morning~ hot urban day?~ Oh, how I covet the rains!

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Days were short and cold
We cursed:
We wanted longer, warmer days.
Now the days are longer and warmer,
We are still cursing:
Wanting cooler climes!

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Waited for music to rend the air~ the record was scratchy and the music rare~ no melody played: ‘twas a dud affair

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Fire within

The fire within me
Yearns to burn
A hole
Within your soul
And delve deep
Looking for the embers
That once produced our love

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Emerging from the void
She snatched my heart
Departed- like the wind
Into the tunnel of love
Leaving me spellbound
And anxious.

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The fire in my spirit
Erupts from within
To engulf
The credulous
Drawing into the vortex
Of craving

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Moon light grace

Sheer moon-light
Across the garden
Her face
Personified grace
She glided into my arms
Her warm embrace
Leaving me in a trance

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