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A Single Word

A single word
That crosses
My mind
Ever goes by;
Evoking memories of
A pleasant dawn-
Not till I die!

(114 Characters incl spaces)


Dragon Attack

Spirits are flying
I’ve set ’em free
Ingest me now
Or let me be
O dragon
You’re mighty
But foolish are ye
Angels are now
Protecting me

(137 Characters incl spaces)



She silenced me
With a lash of her tongue
Her words slashed me
And I came undone
I was no hero
But yes, unsung

(112 Characters incl spaces)



Her soft murmur,
Like sound of petals
Floating in air,
Drifted across
Empty space
To be met
By my eardrums
In warm embrace

(123 Characters incl spaces)



Unadulterated hatred
Was what
I saw in his eyes,
Before I felt
The cold steel
Pierce the
Core of me

(100 Characters incl spaces)



He had gone
She lay
Naked in the dark
If she should ever
Lay claim
To an asset so vain

(116 characters incl. spaces)


Veiled in Smoke

Veiled in smoke
The small cave
Stifled the
Sound of thunder
As she lay
Her offerings
On the altar
For Him
To venerate
And cherish

(132 characters incl. spaces)


Jagged Edge

Jagged edges
Ripped through
His flesh.
He strained
To raise
An arm and
Wave goodbye
But under him
It lay

(127 characters incl. spaces)


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