Twinimage (4 Poems)

Theresa Taylor of Twinimage Studios. Writing for fun, writing for feeling, writing for those who won't.

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Poptarts and Coffee

Poptarts and coffee, Poptarts and Coffee
sugar and spark, tastes to jump start the heart
Poptarts and coffee
Today I exist because of Poptarts and coffee

(154 Characters incl spaces)


Spell Games

Fell for the spell you threw
I thought this was something we could do
Well, I can disappear too
Done with these games, time to be true

(137 Characters incl spaces)



Don’t tell me I can’t
It’ll be the last time you do
I’ll prove you wrong
This is the path that I choose
I’ll stand and finish strong
It’s you who will lose

(156 Characters incl spaces)



If I were a star
You would be why I shine
Because you wear darkness
Like a fine tuxedo
Just standing there
Holding the universe together

(136 Characters incl spaces)