Tracy Meyerhofer (57 Poems)

I enjoy writing micropoetry, poetry, & fiction. published author with Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I'm nuts about dragons and my Boston Terrier! Teardrops from Heaven (2017), Under the Tree (2017),Mad Housekeeping: Poems from the Edge (2016), Everyday Moments Hold the Most Beauty (2015)

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Paint peels off
This old house
Verses falling to the ground
In pools of poetic color
Uncovering layers
Of my past
My soul naked

(127 characters incl. spaces)



Does the sun
Regret the moon?
Does the lyric
Regret the tune?
Does the Earth
Regret the dove?
Do I regret
Your love?

(116 characters incl. spaces)



Suspicions surmount
Calculations recount
Guessing the odd
Against all that I thought
Not for a moment
The answer I sought

(121 characters incl. spaces)



Nobody knows
Where a raindrop
Will fall
But it’s droning hypnotic
Rhythm enthralls
Salve for humanity’s
Undulant soul

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