Tracy Meyerhofer (53 Poems)

I enjoy writing micropoetry, poetry, & fiction. published author with Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I'm nuts about dragons and my Boston Terrier! Teardrops from Heaven (2017), Under the Tree (2017),Mad Housekeeping: Poems from the Edge (2016), Everyday Moments Hold the Most Beauty (2015)

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The Ghost

​You won’t see me follow you
You won’t know I’m there
Hid deep in the shadows
You’ll be unaware
No I’m not a stalker
I’m not after you
Just a friendly spirit
Sent to protect you

(160 Characters incl spaces)


For Love

All for love
That’s why we did it
We left our home
Our lands
Our lives
So you could live
The life we couldn’t
We did it for love

(135 Characters incl spaces)



Take me to the river
Won’t take long
I need right now
To feel the sun
I’ll hold your hand
Look in your eyes
Kiss your lips
Beneath blue skies

(141 Characters incl spaces)


Thorn Tree

Don’t want to climb
Your thorn tree
Fruits so out of reach
Barbs twist and gnarl
My flesh and soul
Not worth the price
You seek

(127 characters incl. spaces)


You Disappeared

You disappeared from me
My obsession
The light in my soul
My beating heart
Now silent
Missing you
The darkness holds me
As I weep alone again

(141 characters incl. spaces)



A piece of the sky
Is missing
The ceiling has
A crack
The sun escaped
Out through it
The darkness
Creeping in

(109 characters incl. spaces)