hockeranin (53 Poems)

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Phases: #1

Isolation, isolation, isolation
eradication, eradication, eradication
execution, execution, execution

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Play the waiting game

You’re hard to find
and I guess, you’re worth my time
and you’ve seen my face, it’s been glowing
my love, you’re blooming.
And I will wait.

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hostile love

devil for teeth
passionate taste
evil full of lust
your body on mine
plutonium and uranium
our “love” is dangerous

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clear gray skies

gray days
i cannot think
i tried to be clear
but the clouds were thick

i would wish for blue skies
but that wouldnt be living,
without problems,
just breathing

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i’ve got nothing to hide
open to you, i can try
see you smile
enough to make my life
considered holding but i cant decide
whether it’s right or not
the time

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