hockeranin (53 Poems)

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Internal emotional repression
Can you still fight depression?
Against anxiety, round ten
Can you still fight, friend?

This isn’t my end.

(137 Characters incl spaces)


A kid

Filled with a joy
I was a boy

Innocent eyes
Honest cries
Ne’er said no goodbyes

I didn’t think, never thought
My mind and I never fought.

(139 Characters incl spaces)



The same tear
The same fear
The same flood
The same blood
The same death toll
The same poll.

And it starts again
Either to lose or to gain.

(140 Characters incl spaces)



The blooming heart of an innocent teenager
Is no different to one who cries of hunger
Compassion in the wrong order
Who is your lover?

(134 Characters incl spaces)



The night, mind awake, revelation
More thoughts, wandering ’round, illumination
Heavy, heavy, unmentioned
Late, by end, filled frustration.

(139 Characters incl spaces)



Words, sharper than knife
Choke my throat, so tight
And left a mark
And sounds as well, my dog barks
Bruises, my neck twisted
My fists, red.

(140 Characters incl spaces)



And the feelings behind a screen
May seem foolish, unclean

True love, sentimental, it’s what they feel
And what counts is that it’s real.

(138 Characters incl spaces)



As a lone wolf survived
For being strong, the one who strides
No looking back, forthcoming
Brave and courageous, and continues fighting.

(136 Characters incl spaces)



As life teaches you
You remember, you’re no fool
And you’re no ignorant
Human nature is, but maybe arrogant

And yet, I crave for knowledge.

(140 Characters incl spaces)



Different shades of blue and red
Distinguish colors, I resent

For I am blind, not colored

I saw, and I’ve seen,
What now isn’t green.

(135 Characters incl spaces)