thejonzi (20 Poems)

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Veil of Calm

Every second of waiting pricks,
Like a shaman on his bed of nails,
My veil of calm is just but a trick.

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Her Amber Eyes

Her amber eyes
They speak of honey
She pours them over me
Like the richest salve
Trickle by sweet trickle
In her gaze I get embalmed

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Teary Eyed Night

Teary eyed night
Sprightly pixies of light
Flit in & out of form
Elvis hails a cab
As into a storm of quanta you dissolve.

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Slow Tango

Remember the moon powdery glow her brace of pulsing stars a sublime bel canto wooing our soft embrace into a slow #tango.

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Flood of Rapture

Of the beauty in a lovers eyes countless
bards have sung,
But the flood of rapture when I glance in
her’s, is mine, all mine.

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