Stratosphonic (7 Poems)

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From high up from low down,
the creak of iron reverberates
throughout these pitch black hills
all fallen from grace.

(117 Characters incl spaces)


Lux Interior

Geometry & Trigonometry
the decorum of Theorems,
couldn’t raise
my navel gaze,
so chose to ignore
and dream once more.

(120 Characters incl spaces)



Once the moon opened
I saw someone climb inside;
or perhaps my telescope
needs fixing,
or the TV stations lied.

(111 Characters incl spaces)



Slow ships of the forest creak
far from the imagined deep;
through shallow leaves
& landlocked heath
plot courses they’ll never reach.

(134 Characters incl spaces)



Inside the dark room
an energy sparks
where decay rooted itself
in every day;
cyan turquoise white
devouring night,
relinquishing fear.

(135 Characters incl spaces)


A Cosmic Revelation

Mars rush of
spark light,
Venus haze
of burn bright,
Neptune’s chill
a freeze-fright.
Abstract space
a carbon face,
as Europa’s oceans

(141 Characters incl spaces)



The light of day
makes gentle play
for icicles on the brink;
of darting to earth
& severing ties
like comets
or broken hearts.

(127 Characters incl spaces)