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Author of two books, Unafraid to Dream and Gift of Life; contributor to five Gumbo for the Soul anthologies; writer of Scribe Scribbles™ blog; and owner of Diva Designsmith, LLC

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Where do I begin on my to-do list—
Piles of unfinished business to complete?
I have started & stopped countless projects.
For my time & attention, they compete.

A novel idea arrives in my head.
I gush with excitement at its greatness.
I even voice my plan for its fruition.
Soon, I forget and lament its lateness.

(319 Characters incl spaces)


My Calling

Forty-two and lots left to do–
To my calling, I must be true.
I grant my Father right to lead.
He made me and knows what I need.

(128 Characters incl spaces)


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