shriti (26 Poems)

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Second Chances

In the rain we dance
His eyes locked with mine.
Past is past, he says, this is a new chance
Drenched in hope, our hearts brilliantly shine.

(139 characters incl. spaces)


Unrequited Love

He whispered secrets in her ear.
She eagerly waited for the one she wanted to hear.
It never came but her pain rolled down as a single tear.

(140 characters incl. spaces)

#micropoetry #veryshortstory


In her dreams
He wants her to stay.
He wants her to smile
And never worry any day.
But they’re just dreams
They end anyway.

(123 characters incl. spaces)



The escape she had wanted
Had her running from pillar to post,
In a world that cages even innocence
Her ensnarement only drew close.

(132 characters incl. spaces)

#micropoetry #veryshortstory

Fragile Walls

All those walls looking impenetrable
But it took the slightest crack,
For the chill to set in my soul
And the walls to crumble.

(127 characters incl. spaces)