SarahsInklings (4 Poems)

It's spring, and the coming days will be full of barn building, garden planting, novel writing, hiking, and mindfully raising three young kids. I love the idea of micro-poetry as a linguistic playground for the days that are just too busy for more than a few words.

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On Envy

Jealousy burns
a whiskey trail
blurring truth and myth.
Too bad. Without its shackles
I would pave a new trail
Not covet his.

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On Making a Move

He’s sexier in spring,
tan, toned, robust with purpose.
Alas, soil and sunlight
keep him from bed
til exhaustion descends.
Perhaps at dawn.

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Lost Friendship

I forget
how far I’ve come
from crushed petals
on cold concrete
after commencement
til I #reach for you again,
a dream across the chasm

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It is an act of self-kindness,
To push back the
Throbbing boundaries of time
For a life spacious enough

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