King (24 Poems)

Canadian Poet & Artist RLKing, published poet, wife & mother.

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In Petitions

I bent my cold legs
over the water’s edge
to dangle toes in the storm
& with a shiver
I cried
lost my mind
seeking a hope
seeking a way
to cure

(143 characters incl. spaces)



I beg her to know
she’s not alone
she chooses so often
to sit in silence

“Will you come out
of that tight curled shell?
For I too
am alone.”

(145 characters incl. spaces)



morning came–the black winter dawn
but in the pitch
there was a
forging light
a fire stirring

it cannot stay dark

(131 characters incl. spaces)



heavy, grey sky

there is catharsis
in the boil-roll-pour
sharp needles
of light
the sky’s implosion
far as
my weakly bones
thru my soul

(151 characters incl. spaces)


The Way of the Lost

“I’m finding myself”
she said.

But the more she looked
the more lost she became,
she had forgotten herself
at home…

(123 characters incl. spaces)


Inside the Broken

in the soft ground
my spirit lay
I could feel myself
lightly covered
& pushing to lift, to breathe

is there hope?

(114 characters incl. spaces)



I found
a helpless, empty well
at the bottom
of a death dealing desert
with no bucket
I screamed
to fill it with water
tho I too
was dying
of thirst

(150 characters incl. spaces)



she tore open
her delicate skin
–pale with little violet veins
with a pencil sharpener blade
& in slices
pain bled a chemical high
into her brain

oh my child

(159 characters incl. spaces)