CharRon (6 Poems)

A Stockton poet, with an Emcee mentality, has crash landed in the world of Sacramento. He walks the city observing and writing poetry.

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Sit in seat
Viewing her cell news.
Maybe she’s shy but in disguise.
She is trying to ignore everyone who is in her view.

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Never calm

Behind the silence is a hatred so deep,
Blacks can still hear the screams of their ancestors

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S & B

Sending the syndication a bittersweet salutation. As I bulk up my biceps to beat up the bad men.

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We vote on bills to pay for bills.
When I die against my will, they distribute my stuff in a will.
So, if I don’t write one, then who will?

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Gazers of channeled realities
but accustomed to cellphone mentalities
Their frequencies
bonded by Earth’s gravity

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