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I'm the Micropoetry Mistro. Poems here are submitted by members and are not mine!!!

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horizons are never reached you said
the world in your hand
I watched the fading spec
poetic, maybe, but you were wrong

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You cannot see it,
Yet, you can hear it blowing,
Moaning and groaning,
And rustling in the trees,
Rattling on the windows.

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White and sometimes grey
Pockets of water vapor
Ragged linen fluff

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Moon dust in the sky,
Beacons of hope for lost souls,
Shimmering glitter

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The Moon

Beautiful and bright,
Yet eerie and magical,
Luna enchants us.

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I know nothing?
Nothing; what you feel for me.
Nothing; the numbness when pain is too familiar.
Nothing; what I’ve become.
I know something; I know ‘nothing’.

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When filling a void
Avoid filling with fluff,
Get hardhats & hard facts,
Make more concrete stuff.

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Gluttonous, I guzzle words,
A vain attempt to fill the hole.
How vacant I’ve #become;
Famished, undernourished soul.

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