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My Reality

A craggy knoll, a rocky road
Stumbling, lost, doubtful, scared
These are my thoughts
So this is my reality

Bright summit, a journey
Striding, hopeful, positive, brave
These are my thoughts
So THIS is my reality

(212 Characters incl spaces)



Bouncing tinny echo
Close to journey’s end
Heavy sighs, dismay
Near, yet far away
Recrimination, shame
Lies, anger, betrayal, pain

(130 Characters incl spaces)



Ash grey face wears wrinkles
Scars of ingratitude and barbs
Slumped shoulders, leaky vessel
Draining love, hope & contentment

(127 Characters incl spaces)



I’m sliding down life’s greasy pole
I’ve dug myself a great big hole
And though I try with all my might
There’s just no bloody end in sight!

(140 Characters incl spaces)