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Far away in lands of sleep

Far away in lands of sleep
I walk alone in vale so deep
Empty spaces fill d air
Lady’s music reach my ear
“but u know i love u so”
D voice now i seek 2 know

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Family day

Call d chef for barbeque
Chicken, salad not a few
Mat & swing must be new
Budget for a billiad & cue
Mow the lawn to best view
The family day is long due

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Family wishes

She kept me in for 9 months
& craved 4 a resemlance
Dad needed a boy at all cost
So dy gambled by chance
When i was born that fall
I satisfied them all

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Family Portrait

Everyone paints a hue into d picture
& bright colors adourn d large canvas
Each stroke is a cr8v impression
& family frames d masterpiece

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My genes

My gentle almond shaped eyes
&my height reaching 4 d skies
& way of life that must b wise
I owe 2 my old folks gone long ago
& i keep 4 d unborn i’ll never know

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