NomenTantum (32 Poems)

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The Future

Wearing the mask
Of childhoods past
The future is here
What you hold dear
Is not its concern
It comes to burn

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Holding on

Just holding on
Sometimes a song
Plays in my head
Or words I said
Just faded signs
And painted lines

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Willie McTell

The night was still
Its icy chill
Cut to the bone
Blind and alone
On stones I laid
Oh Lord I prayed
Your angel send
This night to end

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I sit and I listen
To the clock in the kitchen
Lording as king
Over each living thing
As it measures the flight
Of day into night

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Where pigeons cower
Atop the tower
Come closer now
The night winds sough
The edge is calling
I feel I’m falling

(111 characters incl. spaces)



You will not learn
Of my return
On cable news
Or apps you use
But I’ll know you
As now I do
We’ll meet and then
Goodbye again

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Two again?

Have we to do
Always with two?
Now I’m no mystic
I’m quite dualistic
But think what fun
If we were all one!

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The sea

I love the sea
As metaphor
For bold beginnings
With uncertain ends
For fortune good or ill
Shipwreck or salvation
In every undertaking

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I watch in dismay
The world’s disarray
Why such is man
I can’t understand
Or by what star
We’ve come this far

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Moving from this
Old house I’ll miss
The stairs, the walls
The way light falls
On the kitchen floor
Our new green door

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