NomenTantum (32 Poems)

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The Crow

The laughing crow
Sees far below
The little men
Going again
To work and home
The blue-sky dome
To them unknown

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In Memoriam

Blessed be they
Who renounce transcendence
To spend their lives
In telling stories
Bright moving pictures
That ease our sadness

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The slave

Was then I fled
Lifted my head
Ran through the brambles
On dark roads rambled
Shackled and bought
My chains I fought
And ne’er was caught

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You looked away
I could not stay
The same; I’ve changed
And rearranged
To now transform
As if reborn
Into a storm

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What Will Come

What will come after
The tears and laughter
This world half light
And half in night?
None knows or knew
No saint or guru
But only you

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Walk on

It may take time
This twilight climb
The sunlight floods
The evening clouds
We ever ascend
Walk on, my friend,
To journey’s end

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Morning Song

When I was small
The songbirds all
With clamor woke
When the day broke
That morning song
And feathered throng
Forever gone

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What karma can keep
Me safe while I sleep?
A kindness done
By me for someone
I did not know
Many ages ago

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