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I swear upon
This lexicon
Of Ancient Greek
The truth to seek
& bring to life
However brief
Each silent word
In ink interred

(123 Characters incl spaces)


To A. K. Tolstoy

In your poem
From 1843
I am
The “ragged Jew”
You glimpsed
From your carriage
In cloudy Ukraine
You saw nothing
It’s too late
To rewrite

(135 Characters incl spaces)


The Angel J-Lo

The angel J-Lo
With golden halo
On stage descended
& shook her splendid
Latina booty
Of timeless beauty
An old man leered
She disappeared

(137 characters incl. spaces)


A Hard Fate

The wolves all day
Pursued my sleigh
My team was fast
But could not last
This beastly night
I died in sight
Of hearth and light

(127 characters incl. spaces)



The clouds are red
The setting sun
Upon each one
Has sighing bled

The pale white moon
A lost balloon
Soars overhead

(116 characters incl. spaces)


I Meet Thoreau

We walked together
The weather
Was autumn chill
We climbed the hill

& reached a farm
You took my arm
& said You seem
To be in my dream

(135 characters incl. spaces)