Steve (6 Poems)

A new writer,but not a new person, helping to express thoughts through words

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acorns into oaks and all that,my dog eats em, no mighty oaks spring from his behind, though?

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What’s in the day that i should rise,nothing good falls from leaden skies,I’ll send my body for a mug of tea, while my soul remains in bed with me.

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Born from pure exertion,exuded effortlessly by elite athletes,i escape, ejected, unwanted, onto vests or tracks or tears of elation, or loss,maybe frustration.

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On the B of the Bang,in the air,like kestrel in predatory hang.Down through the swell,propelled upwards,momentum pushing ever forward, at the limit, to win it

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Casting stones into the sea of my memory, ripples the edges of my mind,flooding calmness over my emotions,delivering freedom to my soul.

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