mob murmurs

walking with a crow-d
is mob direction
are we not star-lings

state ruled by carrion press
not enlightened people

(116 Characters incl spaces)


do little

pushmi-pullyu is an odd beast
one end talks while the other eats
in case of indigestion
” who makes the noise?”
is a good question

(131 Characters incl spaces)



a crass kinda love
taken to prove
that I am no prude.
fine with lewd
intended offence
but why did I blush
to ur compliments

(130 Characters incl spaces)


worms for tea

wandered across a small patch
small voice and a magpie watching
the dust rise from his dancing feet
all hoping there’d be worms to eat

(134 Characters incl spaces)


labour’s loss

bend of back

hands toil dirty

dripping sweat

not just the gardener

is r’aped as they sow

(92 Characters incl spaces)


game of cups

money slides
across accounts
and continents

so taxing on people
this game of cups

(82 Characters incl spaces)