Moondexplorer (8 Poems)

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When a nine year old
Cooks in your kitchen
And you write poetry
I look at her face
And discover a theme

(107 Characters incl spaces)


(160 Characters incl spaces)



They were red-faced
When I moved forward.
The barriers they put
Were broken with ease.
Their desire to corner me was a myth.

(128 Characters incl spaces)


A Moment

A moment is a metaphor
For an action
Preordained, or instantly planned,
Sometimes leading to crisis,
Sometimes solution.

(122 Characters incl spaces)



Breaking the chains of slavery
The punctuation marks desert
Their designated spaces
And leave the tyrant words
To discover a new idiom

(138 Characters incl spaces)



The desire of being at the centre
Pushed me to the periphery.
Now the desire is gone
And periphery engulfs me.

(110 Characters incl spaces)