monehartman (7 Poems)

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(bitter)sweet poison

sweet poison rushed through our veins
we were greater than all the gods
danced through the Milky Way
towards infinity and wrote holy kisses
into the universe of our artificial paradises

(185 Characters incl spaces)


already rotten

the cemetery is covered
with night and silence
she lies on the grave
pressing her face
into the moist ground
her sweetheart is already rotten
and heaven is a faraway place

(175 Characters incl spaces)



in my sleepless nights
when all birds are silent
I can sometimes hear
the droning gallop
of the apocalyptic horsemen

(116 Characters incl spaces)


morning melody

if I wish to, I’ll wake you up next morning
with coffee, kiss and a song without words
which will sing any death off your brain

(128 Characters incl spaces)


October Sun

the eyes closed, I am lying
on a bed of fallen leaves
I can smell the soil so close
& in the far, the scent of decay

(119 Characters incl spaces)