lady_loch (11 Poems)

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Nature’s Ballet

The light trembles
Through quaking leaves
A fanciful display
Nature’s shadow ballet
Dancing upon the forest floor

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Ink of Tears

Tears, the ink
With which I write
Invisible words
Not to be read
Conveying thoughts
Not to be heard
Lost in the ether
For all eternity

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Twilight Jewels

As the day falls
Into the hands of tomorrow
Twilight gleams
Through stained glass #window
Cascading jewels
Adorn her silken flesh

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Timid Heart

#Clouds slowly part
Revealing timid heart
Is it safe in your hands?
Or have you other plans?

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Mind racing
Legs pacing
Thoughts re-tracing
The steps
That led me into this cage

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White Blank Pages

Staring sullenly
Emptiness lies before me
White blank pages
Echo the struggle
To pinpoint truth
From internal turmoil

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Tick Tock

Tick tock
Echo of the clock
Time passes by
No rhyme or reason why
Things are as they seem
As they have always been

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The fire rages
She stands entranced
Mesmerized by it’s dance
Flames reflecting
Shadows of a girl
Who once was

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