kooks (52 Poems)

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River of thought with torrents of scheme
Whirl around madly until just a stream
Consciousness flowing, or so it may seem,
Trapped by a word & colored by dream.

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That #yesterday
Turned into a story
With a short, but lovely ending…
I think

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#Taken from the nest
by the random turbulence of life,
she learned to swim,
when others flew.

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Oh maple red and orange leaved face,
Spin down as the birds sing,
And leave the the leaves that carry on
Making another ring.

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Forest bare

Spring’s folly slowly drifts away
From trees where children played,
Replaced by limbs that slowly sway,
The rhythm of the day.

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To fade;
Treble of vision by
Letting the rear speakers beat the
Bass notes.

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On Alder Bough

On alder bough, I saw her face
On alder bough, our first embrace
On alder bough, beneath green lace
On alder bough, on alder bough

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Oh cloak the form of our desire
Let not our eye to see
As beauty’s face is but an end
To dream’s eternal spree

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