kooks (52 Poems)

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Night walker

O siren earth
Born to your fragrant Rose,
Scurried tail of comet’s dream,
Bare your clouded shoulder
Reveal your sparkling diamonds

(132 Characters incl spaces)



But when the sea hushes the shore
With foaming edge, another score,
Above the earthen howling voice,
A common wave devoid of choice.

(143 Characters incl spaces)



Each wave is stirred by earthen wind
Against the distant shore,
Then flattened on the pearly grains,
As those that came before.

(129 Characters incl spaces)



As darkness across
the shoulder of day,
a burden of weight
so much as to say;
remembrance of life
as it flies away.

(118 Characters incl spaces)



#Under the limbs that drink the sun and feed the ancient tree,
Fly dreams that ripple in the breeze
And sing across the sea.

(124 Characters incl spaces)



The painter passes by the bench
Devoid of lavish vine,
Where sits an aging poet
That sees between the #lines.

(109 Characters incl spaces)



Don’t spread my ashes on the hill
Or the place where spirits flew
Just flush them down and let them drift
To gardens that are new.

(130 Characters incl spaces)



Small ripples flown
The air now still
A calm of wake
Where did they go?
And whom was moved
Within their swell?
A stone of #sound
Cast from the hall.

(149 characters incl. spaces)



Wood chairs are empty
Their voices have disappeared
Quiet to listen

(67 characters incl. spaces)