kooks (52 Poems)

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Where was the point
When thoughts took flight
Only to roost
On the pen’s tip?

(77 Characters incl spaces)



O drops be bound, a baby brook
That babbles by with sparkling look
To streams that roll with rock and bends
To old rivers, until land ends.

(141 Characters incl spaces)


(194 Characters incl spaces)



When the crystals of the day
Become fluid dream of night,
Under the blanket of our being
Past thoughts dissolve to light.

(122 Characters incl spaces)



Shadows grow as skies turn red,
Reaching the light that’s new,
Old dreams whisked softly into beds,
Beyond, where bluebirds flew.

(129 Characters incl spaces)



As night devours the day’s bright light
And bent, exhales the night,
Fine memories of those whom lived
Shall dance in dream’s fair sight.

(137 Characters incl spaces)


Life’s shell

I walk a path where souls once walked
in hand and beauty’s light.
Where winds whisper their gentle hush,
Closer, yet torn from sight.

(133 Characters incl spaces)


Grey skies

As the summer’s light is bent,
And brushes autumn’s leaves,
Warm clouds turn dark and then relent
As rain drips from the eaves.

(128 Characters incl spaces)


Small worlds

The only good thing of a #wall
Is that, one day, it falls,
And frees our thought, so long confined,
That kept our big world small.

(130 Characters incl spaces)


Night walker

O siren earth
Born to your fragrant Rose,
Scurried tail of comet’s dream,
Bare your clouded shoulder
Reveal your sparkling diamonds

(132 Characters incl spaces)



A shining bubble
Creation of breath
Reflection of thought

(59 Characters incl spaces)