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I am the Author of a book of poetry titled, "Hidden Treasures Found". I live with the love of my life Michael, my husband and our precious cats enjoying adventures together while making wonderful memories in New Mexico, 'The Land of Enchantment'!

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Tears On A Window Pane

Tears of dew drops
On the window pane
The sleep’s night
Fulfills a promise
My dreams take me
To where you are
Only the morning whispers
Silences your breath
As stirs of life
Awaken my heavy heart
To another day without you

(224 Characters incl spaces)



Cheerful smiles
Joyful hearts

Serenades you with gleeful tunes
Breeds an infectious mirth

Just listen to sounds of merriment ringing in air🎶

(180 Characters incl spaces)



days gone by
why so much pain
a friendship strong
now silent & gone

how are you?
love you too!
echos beyond time
voices we remember

a shattered heart’s cry
imbued with sadness
one by one
yellow petals fall
from old dry roses
swept far away..
memories yesterdays

(265 Characters incl spaces)


Ticktock Goes The Clock

The clock of life ‘ticktocks’ quickly like silver lightening!
It’s moving hands never stand still as I watch the day slipping into the night.
Stealing hours, minutes and seconds of precious life moments,
Before the clock’s chimes STRIKE an end to the day!

(255 Characters incl spaces)


You’re So Vain..You Probably Think This Poem is About You

Spotlight dreams of self-indulgence,
Favorite stories your musing thoughts
Sounds the heartbeat, “I’M ALL GLORY!”
Everyone’s win of a mortal BEAST!
Flattering caresses feed your ego,
Vain words make you gloat.
Endearing blandishments you profess,
Bleeds the heart, dims..the rest…

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Musings of a Poet

Breath of words, a sayer of stories, sketches of life, poetic writings.
Emotional beauty from one’s heart’s creation,
Narrative literature, verses of art.
Scripts of yesterday’s hopes and wishes,
Reads a glimpse of tomorrow from the Inventor of Dreams.

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(305 Characters incl spaces)


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