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Sinful Kisses

let’s get lost
in our world of foolish
dreams and delightful things
of honeyed words
and sinful kisses
were hearts beat as one
behind closed doors

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Heady Treat

A heady treat
This strange brew
A taste so bitter
And yet so sweet
Brings a woman
To her knees
And a man
To give up
His beliefs

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No Everafter

Neverwhere is where I found you
With your dreams of love and laughter
Make believe a good game to play
Now that there is no ever-after

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Softly Lingering

memories fade
only to be replaced
by the giggles glances
and touches of a new love
softly sweeping away
the lingering of you

(124 characters incl. spaces)


Morning Kiss

Sweet dew
of your morning kiss
The hunger
that escapes your lips
Reminds me
so of what I’ve missed

(98 characters incl. spaces)

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