kewpierose (36 Poems)

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So She Wished

so she wished for
sweet dreams made of
ice cream castles
on cotton candy clouds
butterfly kisses
and George Clooney smiles

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Race the Stars

no celestial dance
for us earthly beings
exploding in mid-flight
as we race to the stars
becoming one with the light

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Wasn’t around for Coke or Apple
Missed out on Google and Facebook
Tesla was too damn high
Guess I’ll settle for my last option
Twitter~ my demise

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He stole my heart with his words
Gave life unto my soul with his kiss

Then set free the woman in me~ with his touch

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Before Light

Two souls searching in the night
Striving to return
To what once we were
Quickly now
Before day comes and separates us
Again from the light

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I See Red

I think I’ll go blind
dealing with these
colors of rumors
that cloud my mind
making me see red
with each word
that is said

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Mortal Wind

This untethered soul
No longer clings
To my earthly form
But is gone~ like the wind
Seeking refuge
On another mortal shore

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Gone like the wind~ my lover’s breath~ never again to rest~ upon my heaving breast

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My Oxygen

You are the rhyme for my reason
A poetic verse over a tight beat
The soul of my universe
My reason to breathe – my oxygen

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