kewpierose (36 Poems)

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Time Lines

Time has come to visit
It’s left its calling card
Upon my face
Lines that gently remind me
Heaven or hell awaits

(113 Characters incl spaces)


Never Fade

I will never fade into the background of your memories
for I’ll always be the gleam in your eye as you smile
and ache in your heart when you love

(145 characters incl. spaces)


Comes But Once

Tomorrow comes but once
On the wings of a prayer
Full of promises of joy & love
Grab hold of it tight
Make as many memories as possible
Kiss them
Then let go

(157 characters incl. spaces)


No Words

I have no words to describe the
Pain you have caused
Nor tears to wash away the hurt
All I have are the broken
Pieces of my orphaned heart

(140 characters incl. spaces)


Foolishly Waiting

Tell me I’m not foolish
As I wait here in the dark
Dancing in the shadows
Longing for you to return
The love I give so freely

(125 characters incl. spaces)


Skyward Bound

An upon my knees I prayed
Behind this window dark and gray
Skyward bound my pleas
Lost to the unknown~
My belief

(112 characters incl. spaces)


The Horizon

Racing with the stars
To that ultimate zenith
Where your heart meets mine
And mine meets yours
Only to explode upon
The horizon

(127 characters incl. spaces)


Hidden Places

I don’t like the rain
It wears at my being
The gray and cold
Creeping into
Places long hidden
Washing away parts
Of me I’ve come to bear

(136 characters incl. spaces)


Get Out

Thoughts line up one by one
Eager to leave my mouth
Fighting so desperately
To be the first
To tell you get the hell out

(122 characters incl. spaces)