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R we rilly disorder-le
Can we stl become part
Fo the workn class
Can we evr overcome
Hour fangers twitchn
On the dail and unsertn.

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Girl Baby

She wants bows in her
So we do it
She wants a birthday cake
We say okay
She wants us to dress her like a doll
We say, granny
We are not comfortable with it.

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Fit for Use

After much consideration,
The Committee decided
That you are fit for use
No lies of nice-faced doctors
This is really going to sting.

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Laying on our backs, making snow angels
Not real ones, mind you – can’t make those
Trying to pack wet snow to build an infantry
Our skin red, we absorb December

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I try the music
But do not know all the words
So I just say the ones I remember
Over and over again
To the disdain of all.

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