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Herb Kauderer is an associate professor of English at Hilbert College and the author of eighteen books of poetry, most recently 'Frozen at the Edges' from Dark Particle Press. His poem "After" won the 2016 Asimov's Readers' Award. He has written in many other forms as well. Details can be found on his website HerbKauderer.com

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Those Were the Days

Back in the ’90’s everyone around me
found their own numbness,
through overwork, or liquor, or distraction.
So it seemed we were only normal.

(142 Characters incl spaces)


What Wind?

Cement pier only five feet high. He
walked out and looking into deep, dark
troughs of whitecapped waves, and wondered what wind
turned the lake so rough.

(156 Characters incl spaces)


The Hating Pendulum

I miss the days when disagreeing
was cause for friendship &
sharing a beer.

I hope I last until the pendulum
swings back to love.

(131 Characters incl spaces)


Facing Spring

Lake Ontario surged dark
& rolling, capped white and
grey. The wind felt strong enough
to throw a man off the pier.
He turned his face from it.

(148 Characters incl spaces)


Guard Duty

Alone within my station
I listen for your voice
soft as ancient starlight
computer filtered safe.

(98 Characters incl spaces)