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Herb Kauderer is an associate professor of English at Hilbert College and the author of eighteen books of poetry, most recently 'Frozen at the Edges' from Dark Particle Press. His poem "After" won the 2016 Asimov's Readers' Award. He has written in many other forms as well. Details can be found on his website HerbKauderer.com

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Manmade Cave

Within stone walls ten inches thick
rain goes unnoticed. It takes #thunder
to get our attention, only to have us
shrug it off.

(128 Characters incl spaces)



sunlight pours torrents of colors
through the stained glass dome
of a city where wholeness is king
& youth queen
above a forgotten realm
of the old & broken

(156 Characters incl spaces)



every plane
or flock of birds
was cause
to study the sky.

Now we live
behind dark glasses
too busy
with the sunblock
to look up.

(136 Characters incl spaces)



Take the clock.
Take the wall it hangs on
& anything else you please.
You can have
ALL my time;
just leave the bed
& let me sleep
while you use it.

(149 Characters incl spaces)


Cold Spring Harbor

Saturday night was dark.
Morning brought the man no light.
A cold wind blew and the lakeshore called.
He drove to embrace it.

(130 Characters incl spaces)


Starting Over

I wonder,
is this pain
any different
from what we shut out

And how will we handle it

(135 Characters incl spaces)