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#Poet, #micropoetry, parent and husband. Live in #Walthamstow. Love #music, #mods and the #Gunners. Poet in residence at SohoRadio. Official Micropoet for Words Over Waltham Forest. http://wordsoverwalthamforest.co.uk/?s=Herbieherb
Published 2 e-books: Irritations Internet Age 1, Individualist Style Volume 1. Available to purchase on amazon - click icons below.

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this morning
on my journey
along eavesdropping

all I heard was
“And R was like”

I wonder what R was
what R was like
and why R

(130 Characters incl spaces)



a life reduced
to a cell
on a spreadsheet

hot humid spirit
turned into
dull ordered hell

row twenty
column sixteen

just a formula

(133 Characters incl spaces)



and I #wish

cancer didn’t exist

and I wish

wishes were real

and I wish

I wish,

I wish you were here

(106 Characters incl spaces)


Un friend

Unfriended friend

alone upon

numberless screen

Unfriended friend

a click away

from friend again

cruel words unspoken


(135 Characters incl spaces)



I see you dancing
to a thrumming bass

rhythm impressed
onto my chest

another night
without you

without you
another night

(126 Characters incl spaces)


Whole expectation

I half expected
– I read Dylan Thomas at the funeral
like at every grave

crimson petals always fade

and I half expected
– your hello

(134 Characters incl spaces)