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Live Life come Dios manda. Nunca te dejes que la gente te pongan al suelo. Live it up aand enjoy life. That the life of Erika Vivas. =)

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Letting Go.

The more i want to forget, the more harder it is to let go.
Your look, your smile, your touch, & your lips
are in graved in my body and soul.

(143 Characters incl spaces)


Leap of Faith

I can’t do it. Have a Leap of Faith
I can’t trust him. Have a Leap of Faith
This is Stupid. Have a Leap of Faith.
Do you want to take a risk?
Have a Leap of Faith.

(160 Characters incl spaces)


I Wonder…

I wonder if I spoke, would’ve you still hurt me.
i wounder if i said something, would you stop judge me
I would if i told my truth, would you still love me.

(158 Characters incl spaces)



Here I go again, I’ve Fallen
Falling in to Fear
Falling in to Hope
and Falling in to Love.

(93 Characters incl spaces)