evivas88 (14 Poems)

Live Life come Dios manda. Nunca te dejes que la gente te pongan al suelo. Live it up aand enjoy life. That the life of Erika Vivas. =)

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I want to believe in your words
I want to believe in your kiss
I want to believe in you touch
and the moment I do you break the trust i gave you.

(148 Characters incl spaces)


Promise Heart.

I can’t promise love at first sight.
I can’t promise to open up my heart for you.
But I can promise you to try to break my fear of love.

(136 Characters incl spaces)


My Mistake

My mistakes are my lessons
My lessons are my classes
My class is my life.
So why would you judge my mistakes for sin?

(118 Characters incl spaces)



You cant Tell Me who to be
You cant tell me what to say
Im ME the one who loves life & disgust the hate
Im ME the one who speaks her mind & set her free.

(156 Characters incl spaces)


I Cant Hide….

I cant hide from fear
I cant hide from love
I cant hide from hate
I Must face my Realty and fear that come with.

(116 Characters incl spaces)


No More Hate, Love More

Why Must we Hate?
why must we have envy towards others?
Wasn’t love implanted in your heart and not hate?
Let Me show you that Love is better then hate.

(153 Characters incl spaces)


The Silence Hurts

The more I’m in silence, the more I see who you become.
The more i stay quiet, I see what lies you stand.
and the more I don’t speak, The more hurt you do.

(158 Characters incl spaces)


Emotion of Life.

We fight, we get mad.
We start to fantasias in love and we end up falling in Love.
we get confused and we learn to understand.
You can call it emotion of life

(160 Characters incl spaces)