Ellie Rose McKee (3 Poems)

Ellie has been writing poetry and short stories since primary school and been blogging for ten-plus years. In 2016, she started a Micropoetry Project in which she wrote at least one poem a day for several months. The resulting collection, titled 'Each Poem a Thought', is out soon.

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The Sea

I look at the sea,
feeling it within my veins.

What percentage of me
is ocean, trapped inland
by flesh –

a landscape that can
foster life and
begin creation?

(164 Characters incl spaces)


As it was…

As it was with warriors of old –
slaughtering wild beasts
for their wives & children,
to sustain them
& prove themselves –

so it is with you;
carrying the corpses of spiders
on the soles of your feet,
in sacrifice to me
& my phobia.

(248 Characters incl spaces)