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Doc Wallace does live TV & radio as an emcee, "personality" and occasional DJ, as well as duties as Editor of the West Virginia MENSA newsletter. He has eight poetry books in print, the latest via Floating Comma Publishing, Northampton, UK. He's a grandpa, outreach minister, college professor and seed research scientist in Biophotonics. He's in the Academy of American Poets & Micropoetry Society.

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Starry Night

Starry night
into Deep Black
No planets sighted
No turning back
Worm hole ahead
No error allowed
Into its middle
Or we get plowed

(129 Characters incl spaces)


Walking in Mist

Walking in mist.
Sad to the bone.
Moonglow shining;
I have no home.
Forsaken, lost,
in defeat.

(118 Characters incl spaces)


Be With Me

Be with me.
I’m all alone.
Nobody to visit.
Nobody to phone.

Whether old
or sick
or crippled
or slow
people don’t visit.
They don’t want to know.

(146 Characters incl spaces)


Uncharted Space

Uncharted space
is where we go
Uncharted space
is all we know

We triangulate
from pulsar planes
so we can get
back home again.

(127 Characters incl spaces)



The necromancer
was out of her league
Tried to raise the dead
Try As She Might
in a state of fright
Raised Eyebrows
were all she did!

(133 Characters incl spaces)


Soul in a Leaf

Soul in a leaf
Leaf in a hole
Hole in a heart
out of control.
Heart in a man
man on the ground
lying in blood
dust all around.

(126 Characters incl spaces)


Parallel Lines

Parallel Lines really do meet
just over the horizon.
Walk the other way
around the Earth,
so u sneak up behind ’em.

(115 Characters incl spaces)



We may all decide
what next to do,
but fate intervenes
on important things
& thwarts the plans
of me and you.

(123 Characters incl spaces)


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