djdevansong (11 Poems)

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Kids Without a Care

for being for living
skateboarding in a building
blocking a car
going far
having a drink
not old enough
do they care
do they mind
who are they

(147 Characters incl spaces)


Mountain Roads

Twists and turns
up and down
south and north
east and west
fast and slow
speed with a bike
speed in a car
who knows where I will be
Disneyland or maybe Tokyo

(157 Characters incl spaces)


Thoughts Of Ghosts

Dancing In The Night
Like A Proud Knight
Queen Of The Palace
King Of The Horses
look into the Clouds
Smell Of Blood
Smell Of Sheep
wondering the pastures

(154 Characters incl spaces)


see spot see spot run

walk with spot
be with spot
play with spot
pray for spot
don’t injure spot
wake up spot
cheer for spot
be there
be here
for spot not a dot

(139 Characters incl spaces)



Dancing With Her

take her by the Hand
Hug Her
Laugh with Her
Tease Her
Dance with her
sprint with her
drink with her
Swing Her Around
Waltz With Her tonight
Waltz With Her

(155 Characters incl spaces)


Coffee Filled Up

drinking Coffee Speaking Coffee Speak
don’t spill it she says
it’s hot she says
give me more
leave me to my coffee
suffer and more
hot or cold coffee
like hot

(158 Characters incl spaces)


Firecracker She Was

Bang, Pop, Pow
she flips like a light switch
on/off/on/off anytime
she zooms
she smiles
she yells and screams
her violent rage

(126 Characters incl spaces)