Dendra_dm (58 Poems)

Meticulous animal, chaotic philosopher. A middle-distance runner and a poet in a never-ending quest of becoming a better man.

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Ultimate defeat

Maddeningly cold
Screams of dying dreams call for
Pulling the trigger,
Ultimate act of defeat
Ending your own misery

(116 Characters incl spaces)


My priority

Forsaken to number two
But then I met you,
Absolute best to my heart
Nudging me to be the one

(107 Characters incl spaces)


Foggy view

Like boats through the fog
They reach the shores of our thoughts
Bringing back the old,
All the scents and melodies
Felt without using senses

(141 Characters incl spaces)


Every step counts

Life is a big game
Don’t fret, keep your focus on
The small steps you take
In them you will find control
On the journey to your home

(132 Characters incl spaces)


A leap of heart

Like a cat I jumped
With all my heart in your lap
Knowing fully well
You were the trustworthy kind
Who else could have such a smile

(131 Characters incl spaces)


How to find it

Mustering courage
And immeasurable strength
Comes from the heart
Surpassing ego’s limits
For the sake of a good cause

(117 Characters incl spaces)


Newborn champion

Doubtful? Look ahead
Every newborn champion
Didn’t surrender
Losing all the days before
But never staying in them

(113 Characters incl spaces)


My half

Without one, I’m lost
Troublemaker and savior
Mine, sincerely yours
Carrying you day and night,
Rest assured it won’t wear out

(126 Characters incl spaces)


Desert wraith

She envied his strength
In a heart shredding sandstorm
He envied her pain,
A fellow chaser of dreams
Turned into a desert wraith

(128 Characters incl spaces)