dbreeden (13 Poems)

poet, translator, Humanist

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When the bread of life
Is down to the crumbs,
Stale and dodgy,
The hill that says jump
And the hill that says
How high
Will come to the sunrise,

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The Walls

Truth perhaps
Will set you
Free but it’s
Not a prison
Break; it’s
Not a cake-
Walk since
The chips stay
Where they
Will, off the

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A Certain Comfort

Go on, carry that dark
Soulful night up the
Ladder tied however
Shakily to the solidity
Of dream. I’m here
To say, Go on! You
Have fallen already.

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Still Waiting

looking back
I was looking back
then too
and waiting
for a train from where
to where
I’ve long forgot
all I remember
is waiting and
looking back

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