Basit Olatunji (5 Poems)

Basit Olatunji is a Nigerian poet, essayist and editor. He has been published in Ijagun Poetry Journal, Literary Yard and New Asian Writing. He is on the editorial team of Ijagun Poetry Journal.

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Fear is a stalker
it hides at the corner
of your heart like a predator
it cracks and crashes the heart
like a damaged disc

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For the New Year

The new year has come
sealing the rift of the yester years
it’s come, its new hitch will form
our own rich, like pears, will form

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I wake up this morning
with my mouth running
the praises for the heaven’s gift
that I’ve not perished in the drift

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I will not whimper
even if you batter my heart
I will not suffer
even if you have me to pander

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