Cky (40 Poems)

Random poet, bee botherer and swimmer

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Onetime on a special day
You will no longer think of me
That day, that moment
You will #stop
As i look

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Sky painted baby blue
Playful whisps of candy pink
Nature’s cue
To stare unabashedly and
Revel in limitless beauty
That keeps us here with
each breath of air

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I’m sorry for looking
too far, too deep
making out
its for keeps

I’m only passing
through not hanging around
a trajectory unravelling
Seen but not found

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With a slice of your knife
sharpened with subtlety and guise pain masked instantly by a
sea of compliments forming a
scar tissue of ignorance
as the only trace

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Look into my eyes
Every morning when i wake
Warm my body as i enter into sleep
Don’t ask can’t say
Sophistry or probity
But look again into
My eyes when i wake

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It was you
Standing in the queue
i could smell the woodsmoke
Feel the cool steady intent
Waiting for me to turn
Only to see no one
in particular
But a whisper

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The debt

If I could knit your
shattered bones and
make anew
Dissolve the scars with tender touch
Then through these silent
words will i have repaid
and begin free again

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1 #two into you
3 4 wanted more
5 6 some kind of trick
7 8 or just fate
9 10 it depends…

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Dream of me
slow then quickly
soft glow
of a new day
another chance
to have me
once again
in your sights

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Today i was brave
I picked my battle
And fought my enemy
With equanimity and blunt
I do not mind if slain
In my morrows
Today i was brave

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